What Is Hair Smoothing?

Hair smoothening is a temporary technique that relaxes your hair and leaves it free from frizz.. It is particularly beneficial for individuals with curly, wavy, or frizzy hair who desire a straighter and more manageable hairstyle. Hair smoothing treatments typically work by altering the hair’s natural texture and structure.

How does hair smoothing work?

Hair smoothing procedures usually involve the application of a hair product or a keratin-based formula to the hair. These products work by penetrating the hair shaft, restructuring the hair’s protein bonds, and smoothing down the cuticle layer. This process helps to eliminate frizz and reduce curl or wave patterns, resulting in straighter and smoother hair.

Who Can Do Hair Smoothening?

If you are someone with wavy or curly hair and have unmanageable frizziness, then you can easily benefit from hair smoothening. It helps to tame the frizziness and give smooth, straight hair. People with thin hair too can go for hair smoothening. However, hair smoothening might not be effective for those with thick and extremely curly hair.

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